Sprite’s Obey Your Verse campaign is back! Sprite announced the limited edition cans will feature lyrics from Tupac, Missy Elliot, and J. Cole. The director of Coca- Cola North America, Bobby Oliver explains in an interview with Billboard on why Missy, Cole, Pac were picked for the campaign.

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“We wanted to make sure we identified artists who represented our point of view of staying true to yourself, artists who stay true to who they are and what they want to represent. And we wanted a nice balance of artists that have longevity in hip hop and some with more recent appeal.”

The limited edition cans will features lyrics from songs such as Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head,” “When We Ride,” and “Wake Me When Im Free,” Missy Elliot’s “WTF,” “Hot Boyz,” and J. Cole “Grown Simba,” and “Love Yourz.” The lyrics can be found on 12and 16 ounce cans, 20 ounce bottles, and 12, 20 and 24-packs of 12- ounce cans. The campaign will debut later on this month.

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