If the Senate thought they were alone when discussing gun control, they thought wrong. The power of social media proved itself once again as #filibuster began trending and millions on people on Twitter and Facebook engaged themselves in the debate via the Internet.

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Senator Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut and his fellow democrats led the social media burgage all while pressing the urgent need the for stricter gun control following the U.S deadliest mass shooting in Orlando last Sunday.

The 15 hour session began a little after 11 am on Wednesday and ended a little after 2am on Thursday. Murphy began the filibuster but interrupting a bill dealing with appropriations stating how he had had enough and that he “couldn’t come back to the Senate this week and pretend like this is business as usual.”

While Murphy has several supports that backed up his message, there are, of course, nay-sayers who believe the 2nd amendment right should be upheld. Check out the tweets below.

image image image image

Who’s side are you on? Tweet us and let us know.

Source: NY Times 

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