After the claims of Khloe Kardashian “begging” for a test, O.J. Simpson has agreed.

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Daily Mail reports that Simpson has only agreed to submit himself to a test of paternity if Khloe pays him a visit.

Simpson is currently being held in Nevada at the Lovelock Correctional Center – serving a sentence of 9 to 33 years for a conviction of armed robbery in 2007.

Reports say that Simpson will be able to swab his mouth during the visit to provide the DNA sample needed to determine the truth to the question at hand.

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Reelz documentary, ‘The Man Who Saved OJ Simpson,’ is said to be when the speculation of who Khloe’s father was sparked. Khloe has took to social media to express her feelings about this matter, and has dismissed any claims outside of what she believes to be true.

Only time will tell.

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