LeBron James takes a well-known hiatus from social media during the postseason during his “Zero Dark 23” campaign annually.

But while the Cleveland Cavaliers star shies away from the distractions of Twitter, the media, and fan interaction, he has seemed to take up movie watching as a hobby. His favorite, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard: The Godfather.

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And apparently, he has watched it six times since the beginning of the playoffs.

Before one of the most legendary individual performances in NBA Finals history in which he scored 41, grabbed 16 rebounds and dished out seven assists in a 112-97, James watched The Godfather Part II, according to Broussard.

“He said last night, ‘It just settled me down. It’s about family and so many other things,’” Broussard said. “So that got him into the mood to go out and bust 41 tonight.”

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