Will Smith attended the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity in France, where he revealed that he regretted making the 1999 film, “The Wild Wild West.” “The Wild Wild West” cost $177 million to make and bombed at the box office only bringing in $222 million.

During a panel which he was a guest of, Smith revealed that he took the role because he was more concerned with being a movie star.

“I had so much success that I started to taste global blood. My focus shifted from my artistry to winning. I wanted to win and be the biggest movie star. What happened was there was a lag. Around Wild Wild West time, I found myself promoting something because I wanted to win versus promoting something because I believed in it.”

Smith also admitted that he felt like he tricked fans into seeing the film:

“I consider myself to be a marketer,” he stated.” My career has been strictly being able to sell my products globally, and it’s now in the hands of fans. I have to be in tune with their needs and not trick them into going to see ‘Wild Wild West.’”

He discussed how film lovers are now more aware on if a film is going to suck based off the previews.

“Back in the ’80s and ’90s, [if] you had a piece of crap movie, you put a trailer with a lot of explosions and it was Wednesday before people knew your movie was shit. Now, what happens is 10 minutes into the movie, people are tweeting ‘This is shit, go see Vin Diesel.’”

Smith might be able to redeem himself as an action star when Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.
Watch the greatest part of “The Wild Wild West” which is Smith’s VMA performance from 1999.

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