Wiz Khalifa appeared on Ebro in the Morning to discuss his “Khalifa Kush,” life after divorce and more.

Khalifa dropped the bomb on the morning show team about his potential profits from his “KK” strain. He says he could profit close to a half of billion dollars from the KK weed.

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“I think that’s pretty accurate. You just look at it as far as the plants go. I started with two plants. In six months, those two plants turned into ten plants. And then we cut those ten plants, and those ten plants turned into 100 plants. And then 100 plants turn into a whole room.”

The $500 million figure is based off a 40 year timeline, which equals to about $12.5 million per year, super dope (no pun intended). The strained relationship between Wiz and Rosenberg was addressed too, which lead to a conversation about Wiz and Amber’s friendship after divorce and how well they coparent together.

He also discussed the new school artists including Fetty Wap and more. Check it out below.

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