At least 41 people have been killed and 239 others injured in a terrorist attack at Turkey’s Istanbul Ataturk Airport on June 28. Three suicide bombers let off bombs in the terminal of the airport and in a nearby parking lot. All three detonated vests.

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The three attackers reportedly arrived in a taxi and began firing guns at the terminal entrance. Reports claim the attackers blew the,selves up after police fired back at them. While no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet, Prime Minster Binali Yildirim believes that the terrorist group ISIS is involved.


While the airport has reopened Wednesday Morning, Turkey has declared Wednesday (June 29) a day of national mourning. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for Western countries to take a serious stance against terrorist organizations like ISIS.

“We expect that a resolute stance against terrorist organisations should be adopted by the world and especially Western countries with their parliament, media and non-governmental organisations… Turkey will continue its fight against all terrorist organisations at all costs until the end of terrorism.”

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Source: BBC

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