Apple wants you to follow the rules, and they are offering assistance for any one who need help doing so.

Apple is currently working on technology that disables your phones from recording it taking pictures where it is not permitted using an infrared signal, a newly approved patent is showing.

This new technology has the potential to stop people from recording illegally at concerts and in theaters. In the patent, it is described how an infrared signal will go off in places where recording is prohibited. The phone will then detect a signal and either alter what’s shown on the screen or shutting down it’s video features completely. The video capabilities will be shut down of pointed in a certain direction like toward a stage or a movie screen.

Something else you might find cool is that the infrared signal can also be used to find out more about something. Say you are at a museum, if you point it at a piece of art, it will be able to give you more details about it.

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Source: CNN Money 

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