37-year-old, father of five, Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was gunned down by Baton Rouge officers early Tuesday morning. A graphic video filmed by an eye witness shows Alton Sterling being shot after two cops pin him to the ground. The shooting happened outside of a local convenience store, where Sterling sold CDs.

The store owner, Abullah Muflahi said he has allowed Sterling to sell CDs in front of the store for six years. According to Muflahi, “They told him not to move. He was asking them what he did wrong.” Muflahi also said Sterling had his arms by his sides when he saw an officer slam Sterling onto the hood, and then both officers attempted to slam Sterling to the ground. Sterling stumbled, according to Muflahi, but did not fight back.

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In the video you can hear one cope say “If you fucking move, I swear to God,” then the other officer yelled “gun.” That’s when four to six shots can be heard, as officers shot him in the chest and back. He died at the scene. A gun was recovered, from his pocket, but all eye witnesses have stated that he never reached for it once, plus Louisiana is an open carry state.

Peaceful protests have ensued since, calling for the firing and conviction of the officers. Back in May, Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards signed a bill that made the attacks on police officers a hate crime. The mother of Sterling’s oldest son, Quinyetta Mcmillon, said officers handled the incident “unjustly,” and told reporters Wednesday that they killed a man who was “simply trying to earn a living and take care of his children.”

“I, for one, will not rest or not allow him to be swept in the dirt,” Mcmillon said as Sterling’s son cried behind her.

Trigger Warning: the video below contains graphic violence and sounds of gunshots.

Store owner’s accounts:

Sterling’s oldest son’s mother speaking to the press:

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