Serena Williams comments on Philando Castile shooting. Yesterday, 32-year-old Philando Castile was shot and killed in his car by police officers in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Williams took to Twitter to share her thoughts on this matter and questions when will something be done to end these killings.

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Castile, an African-American,  was pulled over for a broken taillight on Wednesday night. Castile did inform officers that he was armed and has a concealed carry permit. The police officer shot at Castile 4 times while his girlfriend Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds recorded the fatal shooting on her phone.Diamond also stated on the Facebook Live video that Castile was reaching for his wallet when the officer opened fire. This all occurred while Reynold’s daughter was sitting in the back seat.

As of yet, the officer has not been identified. Reportedly, Castile was a popular school nutrition supervisor with no prior felony arrests. At Hennepin County Medical Center Castile was pronounced dead due to gun shot wounds.

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