The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have shaken the country, since they are the latest black men to be killed by police.

People are getting fed up with all these killings, and the graphic videos of them being gunned down have gone viral. Many artists have spoken on the matter and made songs on it like Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Vic Mensa, The Game and more.

Now, Joey Bada$$, a rapper who has never been one to be quiet in times like these, has taken to his instagram to speak on the matter. The rapper said that the killing of black men is the government’s plan to incite black people into an uprising that can be used against them. In the post he said:

 “What the government is doing amongst our people is downright disturbing but not surprising. With all of the conflict and propaganda, I believe they are simply trying to start a civil war within the USA amongst black & white. They are simply pushing us to our limit so that we can all get together and rebel so that it makes it easier for them to kill us (black people mostly and anyone who acts out against them).”

Joey Badass also spoke on what he thinks gangs should do, saying:

“As black and low income people, I think our gangs need to do a better job at protecting our communities and not assisting in destroying them. Who do we call when the police break the law?? We are so quick to pick up a gun and kill one another but not quick enough to pick it up and protect one another for our human rights.”

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