Activist DeRay Mckesson, and hundreds of other protestors were arrested Saturday night in Baton Rouge, La. during protests of the police-involved shooting of Alton Sterling.

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Hundreds of protesters marched the streets of Baton Rouge to demand justice for Alton Sterling. Police arrested Mckesson along the Airline Highway, as he live-streamed the protest on Periscope.

In the video, a police officer tells Mckesson, that he had been “flagged” for walking on the highway. In the same video, McKesson can be seen marching down the shoulder lane. Minutes before his arrest on Periscope, Mckesson says, “The police in Baton Rouge have been truly awful tonight. They’ve provoked people. They’ve chased people just for kicks.”

“City police, you’re under arrest,” the police say in the video. After Mckesson expresses outrage at his arrest, police tell him not to fight back. Then he yells, “I’m under arrest, y’all!”

According to reports the protestors were taken away via bus and drove around for several hours before they were taken in for processing. Late Sunday Afternoon Mckesson was released, then other protestors soon followed.

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