Chris LeDay is the man we have to thank for making the video of Alton Sterling getting shot by police in Baton Rouge, La go viral. A day after that video made its rounds on social media, he was arrested in what he believes is an aggressive retaliation by the police.

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Although LeDay didn’t film the actual video. He was the first to blast it on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to his large following. The post then had the tumbleweed effect by getting shared thousands of times throughout each platform and shared by media companies and activists alike.

According to LeDay’s Facebook post, he was going to his job as a technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base when he was suddenly detained by both military and civilian police officers.

Later, LeDay spoke to the blog Photography Is Not A Crime and said that officers claimed he fit the description of someone wanted for battery. He was then reportedly cuffed and shackled, but when he arrived at the police station he was told that he was arrested due to unpaid parking tickets. He spent the night in jail and was released after paying $1,231 in fines. LeDay admitted that he did not pay the tickets because he couldn’t afford to at the time. His license was suspended, but according to LeDay, he used Uber to get to work.

LeDay told Photography Is Not a Crime that even though the charges were minor, he believes the police made a big spectacle out of arresting him at work as a way to get back at him for posting the video.

Check out his posts below.


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