After spending over a month behind bars following the shooting at Irving Plaza in May, Troy Ave has been released on a $500k bond.

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The rapper is charged with attempted murder, weapons possession and more, after an altercation he was involved in claimed the life of his longtime friend and bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, and injured three others, including himself. The murder charge was dropped at a previous court date, however, as police believe another gunman was involved – which coincides with what Troy and his lawyers have been saying as well.

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The terms of Troy’s bail require him to wear an ankle bracelet and remain in New York City. This means he can’t visit his two young children in New Jersey, his lawyer said. He must also stay away from all concert halls, bars, arenas and other performance venues.

The Brooklyn rapper appears to still be injured from the shooting, as he limped out of court, supported by friends and family. We’ll keep you updated on the case as more info becomes available!

Source: NYDN

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