Being inspired and gaining creative knowledge from your favorite artist is something people gain when they’re in love with the music. Bronx native, Brianni T is back at it again with another Brianni T Presents event. Back in May, the 25-year-old curated her first art exhibit honoring Kanye West The Life of Pablo album.

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This time around “Brianni T Presents Views The Art Exhibit” which is created around Drake’s Views album he dropped this past April. Brianni’s love for Drake and his music gave her the idea to give people a chance to listen to Drake’s early music from his mixtapes like So Far Gone (2009), Comeback Season (2007) to all his latest music while viewing amazing artwork. The 20 plus artists included Ethina Ahmed, Sean Rolle, Katherine Polanco and Shawnette George which participated in the The Life Of Pablo exhibit, and new artist also included Justin Gilzene. The Views Exhibit will be sponsored by Clique Vodka and will also have food that’s influenced by Drake. Merchandise will be sold, giveaways, and a Drake karaoke contest where the winner will receive a pair of tickets to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” tour at Madison Square Garden.

Hosted by Taqee Bond, with music by DJ Miss Milan and Q. Shepard. The proceeds for this event will go towards an organization Brianni T is starting, which will focus on educating children in finance, art, culinary, music, and more. Brianni Is continuing to expand her brand ‘Brianni T Presents’ with events and more while doing her part in making sure her community grows.

“Brianni T Presents Views The Art Exhibit” will be on August 3rd in New York City at 6pm. You can buy tickets here.

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