On Wednesday night, celebrities joined together to discuss the social injustices in the black community.  The Game spoke with TMZ to share that celebrities such as Jesse Williams, Meagan Good, Cedric The Entertainer, and mayor of Compton Aja Brown were in attendance at the meeting. The Game said that everyone had the opportunity to voice their opinions and in the end everyone shares the same common goal which is to save lives.The Game also talked about the controversy between black lives matter vs. all lives matter.

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“The numbers… the percentages of black lives getting murdered and getting killed and having injustices are just a little bit higher than everyone else. There not saying that nobody else’s lives don’t matter… there saying as a minority… as African Americans we are at the bottom of the totem pole and you definitely know to fix a problem you have to start at the grass root…at the foundation and the black lives are at the bottom and that’s what matters.”

The meeting was held at Cedric the Entertainer’s home in the San Fernando Valley. The Game also mentioned that they will join together again for another meeting soon in order to figure out solutions. Recently, The Game has been very vocal on these issues by facilitating a peaceful protest and praising good cop Tommy Norman in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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