Contrary to popular belief, racism in America in 2016 is not a made up thing, it exists. No matter your status, if your black, you will experience racism yourself or know someone close to you that has. No matter your status, if your black, you’re dammed if you’re do dammed if you don’t.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the ONLY black man in the Senate, gave a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday about how he has experienced blatant racism before he was on the Senate and even during his time during his senate. In the last year he was pulled over a total of seven times for trivial reasons, one even being the police officer didn’t believe that he was actually a senator (hmm…wonder why).

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He shared his experience of being a black man in America as well as the stories of other men who have been wrongly stopped by the police and even killed, “These are people lost forever…fathers, brothers, sons.” When people try to foolishly deny the fact that race didn’t play a factor, Scott says that just because you have a criminal history, it “should not sentence you to death”.

One of the most telling moments was when Scott explained how his high position within the government does not exempt him from police targets. Once he was followed by a officer long enough for him to make a fourth turn before he pulled over. Scott then showed a pin given only to senators and the officer replied, “The pin I know. You, I don’t. Show me your ID,”. Later he received an apologetic phone call, siting that it was at least the third one he has received.

The speech Scott gave was a second in a series of speeches. Tomorrow he will give his final speech on policies and solutions.

Watch the full speech below.

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