A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has been making his way to the top slowly but surely. The Bronx rapper has been making a name for himself ever since his Artist: The Mixtape dropped.

This time around he stopped by Hot 97 to freestyle for Funk Flex. In his freestyle he raps about his come up and how it all happened:

“Summer’s over before it started I took it over/The real artist, I go and draw it and paint it over/Last year me and Sosa was sleeping on sofas/Now I spend 10k just to fuck up my sofa.”

A Boogie spits to kick off the freestyle, and his label bate Don Q joins in shortly after. A Boogie has been making waves with his new music, but he has much bigger plans in store for his future.

He doesn’t want to be selfish and have all the success, he wants to share it with his entire Highbridge label family. They are going to be dropping a mixtape soon. A boogie went on to say:

“I want to be the next legend. It’s different; we’re doing it by ourselves. It’s just us right here, us four. We started this from the ground up. Every night in the studio, everybody stopped doing what they were doing and started grinding. We invested everything we had. Nobody knew. We lost everything after a while. But luckily we came up on the grind so it evened out. Now we get to do shows. Shit is working out right now.”

Check out the freestyles below, and let’s see where A Boogie’s journey takes him!

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