The Joe Budden vs. Drake saga continues. If you’re new to this, here’s a quick synopsis of this on wax beef:

Drake and Joe Budden have been friends for a while, Drake has even named Joe as an inspiration for him. Joe felt the same way. The bromance came to a halt after Drake’s Views drop. In a clip that went viral, Joe Budden said on his podcast that the Drake on Views sounds “uninspired” and Drake can (and has) done better. Soon after, a snippet (courtesy of French Montana) appeared online of Drake taking a shot at Joe with a “pump it up” line. We now know that song to be “No Shopping,” but Joe knew about the track way before any of us. Drake played the full verse for folks at his pool party and someone gave Joe the heads up.

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As fans waited for the full “No Shopping” rack, Drake released “4pm In Calabasas,” which Joe claimed is full of shots towards him and Diddy. Tired of waiting, Joe went to the studio and make multiple Drake diss records. First there was “Making A Murderer Pt. 1,” “Wake” and now we have “Afraid.”

Joe samples Drake’s “The Resistance” for the track, where switches from being attacker to mentor. Check it out below.
You can peep the full breakdown of the lyrics over at Genius.

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