A racist police officer from Oregon is now on administrative leave for making ridiculous comments made on social media.

First, officer Tom Newberry made a comment on an upcoming Black Lives Matter protest. In the post he shared an article showing the Black Lives Matter Protests as “A Day Of Rage,” and he captioned the photo: “So Day of target practice?”


In another post, Newberry gave “instructions” on how to navigate through a crowd of Black Lives Matter protestors. He pretty much says that running them over is a great idea:

“When encountering such mobs remember, there are 3 pedals on your floor. Push the right one all the way down.”


West Linn PD Lieutenant Mike Stradley described his actions as “incredibly embarrassing for a police officer.” The West Linn PD has released the following statement to address officer Newberry’s Facebook posts:

“Today, July 14, 2016, at about 1230 pm we were made aware of certain Facebook posts made by one of our officers. An investigation into this conduct has been started to determine what if any policies of the West Linn Police Department and the City of West Linn may have been violated. This is an ongoing personnel issue and as such we cannot comment further at this time. The West Linn Police Department takes allegations of wrong doing seriously and will take appropriate action to hold our members accountable. We work hard to maintain the trust of those we serve.”

Officer Newberry has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation into his comments continues. Aka, a vacation. Let’s hope he gets in trouble for his actions.

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