Nine people were killed, including the gunman and 16 others injured Friday in a shooting rampage near a shopping mall in Munich, Germany. While looking for the shooter, police found a man who killed himself on a side street close to Olympia shopping mall. After a quick investigation of video footage and speaking with witnesses, authorities concluded that he was the sole gunman.

The gunman has been identified as 18-year-old Ali Somboly. The German-Iranian teen has lived in Munich for at least two years. At the current time, his motives are unclear, according to authorities and no group has claimed responsibility. Authorities believe that the gun used in the shooting was bought off the black market. Authorities have also stated that Somboly has been planning this attack for over a year.

Police have arrested a 16-year-old friend of Sonboly. They state that the 16-year-old met with Sonboly before the attack and knew that he had a gun. Munich authorities suspect the 16-year-old is a possible “tacit accomplice” to the attack.

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