Joe Budden snapped on some obnoxious guys who ran up on the rapper in a driveway. Budden was outside getting into his car when he was surprised by the young men, and some of the footage of the ensuing confrontation hit the web yesterday (July 23.)

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More footage has surfaced of an altercation between the rapper and a car of guys who approached him suddenly outside his house. In footage posted on Twitter, Budden is in his car driving behind the other vehicle. After what looks like a car chase, Budden hops out of his vehicle and confronts the other car.

“I keep saying these little internet games are going to get one of you n—-s killed,” Budden can be heard muttering as he drives behind the car. After the car comes to a stop, the camera captures Budden after he runs over to the other car and begins threatening the passengers.

“If you come on this f—ing block again, I’m going to kill one of you little n—-s,” he shouts into the car. “This is not the internet. I will kill one of you.”

Watch the hilarious clip below

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