North Carolina’s HB2 bill has been controversial for its discriminatory practice against the LBGTQ community, particularly trans men and women. The bill, better known as the “bathroom” bill states that a person must go to the bathroom based on the sex they were born as, not what they identify as. The bill also discriminates against minorities in the state by putting restrictions on the minimum wage in North Carolina. The bill also restricts legal action available to those who believe they’ve been discriminated against in the workplace.

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Because of the passing of this controversial bill, PayPal pulled 400 jobs from the state in an expansion deal. Apple and Coca-Cola have both spoken out against the law, and it looks as if the NBA is following through with their threats to pull the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte, Nc. On Thursday the league has announced that the 2017 ASG will not be held in Charlotte and they will announce the new location in the next upcoming weeks. However, Charlotte will get a second chance to host the ASG in 2019.

Check out the reactions from the Mayor of Charlotte, KD and more below.

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