Cory Booker is not here for Donald Trump, and he made that very clear at last night’s Democratic National Convention kick off.

Despite having not secured the Vice President spot on the Hillary Clinton ticket, the New Jersey senator made it clear he has no hard feelings and still supports the candidate.

His focus was not on throwing shade (a la Ted Cruz), but instead driving home the fact that the DNC needs to make sure they put Hillary in the White House, saying:

“We can’t devolve into a nation where our highest aspiration is that we just tolerate each other. We are not called to be a nation of tolerance. We are called to be a nation of love…This understanding of love is embodied in the African saying: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’ This is one reason I’m so motivated in this election. I believe it’s a referendum on who best embodies the leadership we need to go far, together.”


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Booker also noted how Trump has made a media spectacle of the race thus far, and has been blatant about his racist ideas:

“We’ve watched him, with a broad and divisive brush, say that Mexican immigrants who came to America to build a better life are “bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs.” He says many of them are “rapists.” He said that an Indiana-born federal judge can’t be trusted to do his job because of his Mexican ancestry – a statement that even fellow Republicans have described as racist.”

He also discredited the notion that Trump would be a successful president because he’s a successful businessman, citing the shady deals and practices of his business:

Trump says he would run our country like he has run his businesses. Well, I’m from Jersey, and we have seen the way he leads. In Atlantic City, he got rich while his companies declared multiple bankruptcies. Yet without remorse, even as people got hurt by his failures, he bragged, ‘The money I took out of there was incredible.’ Yes, he took out lots of cash but he stiffed contractors – many of them small businesses, refusing to pay them for the work they’d done. America has seen enough of a handful of people growing rich at the cost of our nation descending into economic crisis.

Booker went on to drop more facts, African proverbs, and drive home the urgency and importance of getting a Dem in the White House. Check it below!


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