Perry has posted a photo of that report to his Instagram, captioning it with “EL OH EL” and a tear-faced emoji. In addition to using the Burberry name, the brand is citing Perry’s 2006 self-titled EP which features their trademark plaid print and equestrian knight logo on the cover. They claim that Perry ripped their whole steez, including their font, to propel his social media following, and fear that some may think he is sponsored by or linked to the brand. Burberry is suing after Perry ignored their cease and desist letters.

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While rappers have used fashion brands in their stage names before, most noticeably Gucci Mane, it hasn’t always resulted in legal action. There is a precedent however for such lawsuits, as in March of this year, when a judge ordered Private Club’s Rolls Royce Rizzy to drop any mention of the luxury car brand from his name, citing copyright infringement. The rapper was also selling shirts on his website with the car brand’s logo.

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