Justin Bieber turned down a large amount of money recently and for a good reason. He was offered $5 million from the GOP to perform at the Republican National Convention, which took place last week in Cleveland, OH and turned it down thanks to his manager and Cleveland’s own, Lebron James.

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The $5 million was for a 45 minute performance at a venue close to the arena where the RNC was held. When the offer came through, promoters told Bieber that the performance was “not political” and not an endorsement. The contract stated the $5 million came from GOP donors and was to be paid before Biebs arrived. Also, the donors would cover all production expenses Biebs needed to put on a great show.

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So the question arises… If the deal was so sweet, why did Bieber turn it down? His manager Scooter Braun is a HUGE Hillary Clinton supported and threatened to quit if Biebs did the show.

After explaining how the GOP was attempting to silence Black Lives Matter by banning signs, Braun left the decision up to Biebs. His band didn’t want to do it, as they are mostly made of African Americans. The promoters who tried to book Biebs for the show stated that LeBron James would be there welcoming the GOP with no political endorsement. But when Justin’s people reached out to LeBron’s people, it was soon confirmed that LeBron was not going to be there. They also urged him not to do the event as well. So he didn’t.

Good call on Biebs’ part or no?

Source: TMZ

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