Kanye West is tired of the streaming wars. Over the weekend, Kanye did what Kanye does well… ranted on twitter. This time it was about the longstanding beef between Apple Music and Tidal.

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Ye stated that all the exlcusives are “fucking up the music game.” Hehad the idea of him along with Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, Jay Z, Scooter Braun, and a few others should have a meeting to end the beef and work together for the sake of the consumer.

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The streaming wars between Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify have been a very interesting. Apple marked up the subscription price for Tidal if you signed up directly through the app store, Tidal has exclusively released albums from Beyoncé, Twenty88, Kanye West and more this year, while Spotify is still sitting pretty at number one with no real groundbreaking exclusives. Apple music has had a few major exclusives themselves, thanks to Drake. Check out his full rant below.

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