Apparently presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is a big fan of Weezy F. Baby! While Mrs. Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination during the DNC, she paid a little homage to Lil Wanye that only hip-hop fans would notice.

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“When there are ‘No Ceilings,’ the sky’s the limit,”

While the reference went unnoticed to some, TMZ caught up with Wanye and asked him about it. When asked about Clinton’s reference, Wanye looked shocked!

“I haven’t peeped it. I have to peep it first. I don’t even know if it’s true, so…”

As the paps repeated Hillary’s line, Wanye then said, “Man you heard Hillary use my lyrics?… In her speech, yea. I fucks with Hillary!”

With Hillary working closely with Karen Civil on the campaign trail, it is easy to see how Clinton was influenced.

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