Soulja Boy celebrated his 26th birthday last week with an intimate birthday party at a studio with Sean Kingston and a few friends. Unfortunately for him, the party had to end early because his friend was shot outside in a botched robbery!

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On July 28, Soulja Boy was in a Hollywood recording studio, snapchatting the festivities that included a birthday cake and several stacks of money. The party seemed like a nice lituation, until Soulja Boy’s new artist, Killa J went outside. While he was outside, a man in masked reportedly pulled up in a car and tried to rob the him.

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Apparently Killa refused to comply with the robber’s demands and that’s when he was shot in the arm. Soulja Boy believes that it was an inside job. Sources claim that when Soulja and squad showed up to the studio, they noticed a black SUV with four men inside sitting in the parking lot. The crew thought it was a lie, but thought nothing of it. Towards the end of the party, they saw the SUV still sitting in the parking lot on the security camera. Killa J went to investigate and that’s when the robbers reportedly mentioned Soulja Boy by name and demanded a Gucci bag that he usually keeps his money in.

Killa J is expected to make a full recovery. So far there are no suspects, but cops believe that the robbers might have stalked SB via social media where he is known to flash his money and jewels often.

Source: TMZ

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