Things took an incredibly surprising turn for Young Thug and his crew Sunday night in Pittsburgh when local police and a SWAT team rushed them with guns in hand, according to TMZ.

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Following an appearance at Pittsburgh’s Summer Jam on Sunday, Young Thug and several of his colleagues were completely surrounded by a SWAT team, who yelled and signaled for everyone in the vicinity to hit the deck, including the person filming the bombshell video, which surfaced on TMZ today. Initially, authorities can be seen hovering a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, presumably the vehicle carrying Thugger and company.

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However, later in the video clip, several armed authorities begin running in unison towards the vehicle and the people standing outside of it, screaming things like ‘get down!’ with force and their guns raised. Thug’s team did have four guns on them, but they were all licensed to carry and showed their paperwork to the officers on the scene. No one was arrested, but it’s still a scary situation to watch unfold in the video, given the country’s recent series of tragic events.

Watch the scary clip here

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