Suge Knight has happened to sadly become one of the faces to the super villain in the hip-hop industry. Knight was formerly a Death Row boss, and is now on trial for murder. He has been accused of a bunch of other hip hop crimes which include killing Biggie, being involved with Tupac’s murder, threatening Vanilla Ice to throw him over a 15 story building, making NWA”s manager’s body guards crawl around on all fours pretending to be dogs, and more.

Now another story has been dropped. This time it’s Big Naz, a bodyguard for Eminem, revealing in an interview that he believes Knight wanted Eminem dead. Naz said there were a bunch of situations in which he feared both his & Eminem’s life:

“There was a situation at the Source Awards, which was our first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchmen. They had it to where the artists couldn’t sit with the bodyguards. I notice Em is in the aisle and he is beefing with all these guys in red shirts. This is what they said: ‘Death Row motherfuckers! Suge Knight sent us to strong arm Eminem and it’s going down!’ I had to snatch Em up and call Dre, because he was backstage.”

“The scariest moment is when we went to Hawaii. When the plane lands we are greeted by 20 Honolulu police officers and they told us that Death Row is here — they tried to hem [Snoop Dogg] up. Suge Knight had sent 50 guys to try to break up the show. When we got there, vacation mode was over, we were lockin’-n-loading, putting on bullet proof vests with their wives and girlfriends sitting next to them. We had to have Interscope pick up the tab to put Honolulu police with each bodyguard, because of how deep Suge was over there.”

We also can’t forget that in March of 2015, 50 Cent told The Breakfast Club that he believed Suge was prepared to do whatever he can to take down Dr. Dre, saying “Suge was gonna kill Dre.”

Check out the full Big Naz interview below:


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