The Don of East Harlem, Jay Pres (aka Jay Prezi) has been on his freestyle ‘ish, steadily dropping hot new freestyle after hot new freestyle since the release of his freestyle tape, Sephora a month ago.

Well known across Harlem for his party planning and event hosting, the talented lyricist is rapidly leaving his stamp on the music industry as well. Most recently, he’s released two freestyles, 4PM in Calabasas and No Shopping. He begins 4PM in Calabasas:

“If they gave me a choice I’ll choose the tougher road, raised in the jungle I’m built for it got Tarzan blood”

It’s a smooth instrumental that Prezi’s voice compliments.

No Shopping is more of an up-tempo jawn that Prezi straight destroys:

“Word to 50 feel like ghost I’m makin’ power moves , ya team is weak it need rebuilding so u gotta lose, that’s word to Philly I be stuntin’ I’m just in my groove, They know that Prezi get it jumping like some kangaroos”

… its plain to see, this dude drops fire only.

Do yourself a favor and check out the tracks below. Also be sure to follow Jay Pres on Instagram to stay up-to-date on his upcoming events and performances (not to mention the over-the-top MANSION PARTY he’s planning the 28th with his sis Bianca from LHHNY).




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