Lil Wayne’s lawsuit against Universal has been put on hold. Why is that? His current lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money shows too many similarities. According to reports, a federal judge ordered Tunechi to take it one at a time. He must settle the Cash Money dispute first.

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In March, Wayne filed a lawsuit against Universal Music Group, the parent company of Cash Money, for $20 million in unpaid royalties. He claims that UMG was taking his royalties and giving them it back to themselves to settle Birdman and Cash Money’s debt.

But before Wayne sees his day in court regarding his UMG lawsuit, he must first handled is 2014 lawsuit against Birdman for $51 million. Wayne says that he was only paid $2 million out of $10 million for The Carter V and the he was screwed of out millions for discovering artists like Drake, Nicki and Tyga.

The judge cane to this decision because it is believed that the outcome of his Birdman lawsuit will greatly impact the outcome of the UMG lawsuit.

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