Kevin Durant reportedly told his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook about his departure from the team via text message. Back in July, it was announced Kevin Durant will be joining the Golden State Warriors in free agency. Reports have surfaced that Westbrook did not even receive a phone call from Durant about his decision. According to The Vertical, the plot seems to thicken regarding Durant’s departure from OKC.

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When Russell Westbrook traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with general manager Sam Presti in the aftermath of the franchise’s lost weekend in the Hamptons, Westbrook held no interest for a post-mortem on Kevin Durant. For a front office still mired in angst and anger, Westbrook delivered a sobering splash of ice water: What’s next?

No nostalgia, no reflection and no regret: In Westbrook’s world, Durant had been deleted like his old teammate’s text message saying goodbye on the way to Golden State.

According to Royce Young of, Westbrook and Nick Collison attended a meeting with Durant in Los Angeles and it appeared that he would be re-signing with Oklahoma City. Durant has stated that he did not tell his teammates that he will return to the Thunder and then a week after decide to sign with the Warriors.”I never told Russell or Nick, ‘All right, guys, I’m coming back to the Thunder’—and then a week later, I decide not to. Never happened. I don’t operate like that. I heard people say that story, but it’s not the truth.”

During the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Durant stated that he would like to eventually have a conversation with Westbrook.”Nah, that’s a touchy deal. It’s easy for someone else to tell me what I should do… But I’ll see when this is over and when everything dies down,” Durant said. “At some point, we’ll sit down and talk. But I don’t know when.”

Hopefully, these two can hash it out!

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Source:Bleacher Report


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