Writer and Director Shayla Racquel is currently fundraising for her latest fictional short film, “Riverment.” The creator of the award-winning web series “Quarter Century,” explores the continuous fight for Black rights in America in “Riverment,” a film inspired by her grandparents. Racquel’s interest in social issues and awareness was piqued by her grandparents, Evelyn Thompson & Joseph Thompson Sr. who lived in South Carolina during the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The film is about Maureen, a civil rights activist that copes with the traumatic experience of the movement she and her husband encountered by spending time at the riverbank. A place where she finds peace and tranquility. The same riverbank serves as the populace where she and her granddaughter, 19-year-old Tyna bond over Maureen’s stories of the Civil Rights Movement. Tyna has become an activist in her own right on her college campus but is thinking about taking her activism off campus and on more of a national level. This news makes Maureen nervous for her granddaughter’s physical and mental safety.

Racquel is using the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter to highlight the importance of women in the movement and to showcase how women have continuously been at the forefront of Black movements in the United States. The film addresses many relevant key issues, including the disconnect between Baby Boomers and Millennials, post-traumatic stress and more.

With nine days left, the film needs to raise $8,349 for production. See more about the film in the video below and make sure you donate here.

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