Six weeks ago, Compton legend DJ Quik threatened to sue an unnamed Compton rapper. It turns out that that rapper is YG. Late Sunday night, Quik took to Twitter to call out YG and his management for failing to credit him for his contributions to YG’s platinum hit “My Nigga.”

“Y’all had me engineer and record My Nigga for @YG and did not give me credit. My Lawyer has You [in] HIS sights. You’ve fucked up,” Quik wrote to Stampede Management, which claims to represent Snoop Dogg, Quik and YG, though their Twitter account has been inactive since May of 2013. “Be safe on the block I invented,” Quik then wrote to YG, adding, “You don’t FUCK with Dj Quik.”

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YG has responded to Quik’s accusations. See what he had to say below.

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