Talk about the most amazing compliment one could ever possibly receive. According to activist and actress Amandla Stenberg, while she was on set for Beyonce’s LEMONADE, the Queen came up to her and said she wants Blue to be “just like” her.

How Amandla did not pass out we aren’t sure put she recently sat down with Glamour and talked about the experience,

“And so Zendaya and I kind of sat next to each other and like gossiped about what would happen, like we were so excited, we were kind of whispering in each other’s ears…And so then we get to the set, and Beyoncé comes up to me, and she goes, “Hello, Amandla. I just wanted to tell you I want Blue to be just like you,” and I felt like the hands of God were like gently caressing my entire body and soul, like I felt like I had reached nirvana, and I was like, “Thank you very much.” I think I said something really lame and gushing about her to her face [laughing].”

To any member of the Beehive, that is the compliment of a lifetime.


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