After receiving FX’s blessing of 6 teasers from the upcoming show Atlanta, the shows star Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino) had a lot to say to reporters about at Television Critics Association (TCA).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glover told reporters, “The thesis with [Atlanta] was kind of to show people how it feels to be black. What was important to me was that this show was personal and had a specific take because that’s all you can really ask for from a show nowadays, having a specific point of view on something.”

Atlanta is technically marketed as a comedy but it also explores the deeper and darker themes which the director and executive producer Hiro Murai called “grey areas.” “I always want people to be scared because that’s kind of how it feels to be black.”

Glover who first started in Community commented on how Atlanta is nothing like it, “I just like endings. I think everything should have death clauses in them like humans have death clauses. Like, one day, Trump is gonna die. That’s guaranteed. That’s awesome.”

LOL. That’s amazing. Be sure to check out Atlanta on FX September 6th.

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