Cookie and Lucious Lyon could soon be getting a show all about them, says Empire’ EP Ilene Chaiken. She declined to elaborate but she did say “There’s a good chance there will be a spinoff.” In the third season there are a bunch of younger versions of Lucious and Cookie to show flashbacks and this might not be a coincidence:

“The show offers so many opportunities. Potential spinoffs with these characters – sure!”

At the end of season 2 Cookie said “I’m done”. In Season 3, Cookie is going to try to leave Lucious, Chaiken said, adding that the season would get more into Cookie’s backstory.


Someone asked Taraji if she thought Cookie ever could be really done with Lucious. Henson responded saying by saying no, after all he is the father of Cookie’s children, then jokingly saying “Not unless she kills him.” She then proceeded to give Chaiken and EP/director Sanaa Hamri a look. Hmm.

Mariah Carey announced her feature on the show in the upcoming season. Henson said:

“She was great. She’s fabulous; I wish I could wear a leotard like that. What she brings to the music industry she brought to the show. I’m glad Mariah spent time with little old us.”

Hopefully this Cookie and Lucious spin off is real, after all they are the stars of the show!

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