Vanessa Beecroft recently sat down with New York Magazine and spoke on her personal and business relationship with Kanye West. Beecroft was there for all of Kanye’s Yeezy Season fashion shows and even attending his infamous wedding to Kim Kardashian. She said:

“I have divided my personality. There is Vanessa Beecroft as a European white female, and then there is Vanessa Beecroft as Kanye, an African-American male.”

Beecroft and Kanye met back in 08′ and she described meeting him:

“When Kanye approached me, his studio to mine, my assistants said you have to meet him, he’s important. I had just come from several trips to Africa where a Sicilian intellectual academic man who I had consulted for the documentary said, ‘You will find your Orestes in the U.S., and it will be an African-American man.’ So when Kanye contacted me, I said, ‘Here he is!’”

Their work evolved, and they ended up collaborating more and more often. She was then placed on Kanye’s full-time payroll. This was up until he until he began tweeting about his personal debt earlier this year. She was then hired for freelance on a project-by-project basis. Beecroft stood her ground and said Kim Kardashian was the reason:

“It was Kim Kardashian. She cut everything out.”

Beecroft then said the past eight years with Kanye got her to begin thinking about who she was as an artist, person, and literally right down to her skin color:

“I even did a DNA test thinking maybe I am black? I actually wasn’t. I was kind of disappointed, and I don’t want to believe it. I want to do it again, because when I work with Africans or African-Americans, I feel that I am autobiographical. If I don’t call myself white, maybe I am not.”


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