Chance The Rapper gets featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine. Chance had an eventful year so far from writing 5 songs on Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo to releasing his record breaking project Coloring Book. In an interview with Billboard, Chance talked about what he learned from working with Kanye West, overcoming a xanax addiction, and giving away music.

Chance mentioned that during his involvement with TLOP he had the opportunity to observe his idol Kanye. Kanye rented out a studio to create TLOP where he was able to direct writers, producers, and engineers. Chance shares that he took a page out of his mentor’s book and rented out a studio to finish is project Coloring Book. “I watched him knock out six, seven songs that way,” says Chance. “I stole that.”

The Chicago rapper mentioned that he moved to Los Angeles after the success of Acid Rap and struggled with bad a xanax addiction. He soon realized that did not belong in Los Angeles and needed to head back to Chicago.

 “I don’t want to present it as a Behind the Music thing,” he jokes. “I looked up and months had passed, and I hadn’t made enough music.” He also found that he belonged back in Chicago: “I missed a lot of weddings and funerals.”

Chance’s has had some major accomplishments without any physical release of a project. Both TLOP and Coloring Book hit top 10 on the Billboard 200. TLOP was the first album to debut on the top with over 50% of its units from streaming. In addition, Coloring Book was the first project to chart based only from streams.

“It’s not about the music being free. It’s about how it is displayed and made accessible and about artistic power,” Chance told Billboard. “It was always about the artist-to-fan relationship.”

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