Back in March, producer Dot da Genius shocked the world when he wrote a touching birthday message to Jhené Aiko and referred to her as his wife. As the world wonder if they were legally married. Aiko stayed mumed about it and went on to join Big Sean in a duo called TWENTY88. TWENTY88 debut their self-titled EP a short time later with a accompany movie. The movie sparked a lot of rumors of the two possible dating due to their on screen sexual chemistry. Shortly after, Genius deleted the post and all traces of Aiko on his Instagram.

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Fast forward to June, TWENTY88 performed at at Power 106’s Powerhouse and Aiko shared a kiss with Big Sean on stage. Since then, the two have been seen around looking very much like a couple. Now, after 11 months of marriage, Aiko has filed for divorce from Dot da Genius.

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Aiko has listed “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the divorce, and she’s asking the judge to deny Dot of any spousal support. Just like Aiko has been mum about the marriage, she’s being mum about the divorce. With Aiko’s marriage done, will her and Big Sean officially come out as a couple?

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Source: TMZ

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