Nas is not only the producer for the Netflix series The Get Down, he is also on the soundtrack. He’s featured on “Rule the World (I Came From the City)” with British soul singer Michael Kiwanuka. The record features Nas rapping from the viewpoint of Mr. Brooks, his character in the show:

“I came from the city, yeah/Got my name from the city, where/The most dangerous city, let’s take a trip back/Back in the time/1977, it was maximum crime/The president neglected us, him and six masterminds/Six powerful men put New York through some drastic times/The rich and selfish ones feed off the welfare ones/And which borough suffered the worst/Hmm where I’m from, The Bronx.”

Nas and Michael Kiwanuka are simply two of the many stars on The Get Down soundtrack. Others featured on the album include Raury, Janelle Monae, Leon Bridges, Christina Aguilera, Jaden Smith, Miguel and 6LACK. The Get Down’s soundtrack drops today (Aug. 12), the same day as the series premiere on Netflix.

The Get Down will tell the story of hip-hop’s birth in 1977 by the Get Down Brothers, a young rap and DJ crew from the South Bronx. The series is directed by Baz Luhrmann. Check out the track below:

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