The beef between Meek and Drake was one of the most entertaining ones that rap has seen in a while. This beef showed us just how funny the Internet is and how Drake really might be the pettiest in the game.

While most people might think Meek took an L, according to him, he didn’t. The Philly rapper recently sat down with My Mixtapez and discussed everything from Drake to his highly anticipated project D4.

When asked about the Drake beef and taking an L, here is what Meek had to say:

“Last year and the position I was in, a lot of people was going with the wave that I was actually losing, but my life was good. The Internet is kind of uncontrollable where people go with their own ways,” he added. “It’s a world of cowards where people get behind a computer and type anything.”

Meek then went on to discuss how well his son is doing and with that blessing, how could be possibly lose:

“My son is five years old, just turned five years old the other day. He’s speaking French. If you call that losing, I don’t know what you call that. That’s like me going on Draymond Green or Steph Curry’s comments and putting up an L.”

And since some of yall got Meek messed up, he’s going to let D4 speak for him, “This mixtape right here is my reintroduction for the people that doubted me.”

Watch the rest of the interview below.

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