Jazz Cartier decided to stop by Real Late with Peter Rosenberg for an interview, and talk about Lil Wayne, his hometown of Toronto, and the fact that he doesn’t eat cheese.

He’s one of the hottest out of Toronto right now adding to the list of artists stemming from the six. Cartier wants you to know he’s actually the Prince of the city already.

Rosenberg starts things off by asking Jazz Cartier where he grew up, and how it shaped him. Jazz reveals his parents were in the military and he moved around a lot, but Toronto is where he spent the longest and calls his home. Rosenberg then decides to touch on politics and asks him about Donald Trump/Hilary Clinton before asking Jazz about his experiences and fanbase in Europe. He goes on to say that the European fans are awesome, but their food doesn’t exactly satisfy his taste buds.

Cartier recently dropped a random cut of a track called “Lil Wayne” which pretty much was paying homage to the now legendary Weezy. Lil Wayne himself got ahold of the track somehow and took to his twitter shout out Jazz and his producer Lantz for the track.

Jazz speaks on how much of an inspiration Lil Wayne is to him, the song, and how he felt once he saw Wayne’s response to it. Check out the 20 minute interview for yourself below:

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