A Tribe Called Quest hasn’t released an album since 1998, but in the wake of the passing of Phife Dawg earlier this year, they’re putting together an official project.

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“You know what I’m excited about, though? A Tribe Called Quest,” L.A. Reid said while discussing Epic Records‘ upcoming projects while on the Rap Radar podcast this month. “We have A Tribe Called Quest album coming.” He continued:

“I’m really happy about it. It’s really something special. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about out of everything we’re working on. [Q-Tip and I have] a long relationship, but he’s a real friend. He’s made some incredible music and I love it. Phife is there, the whole group, Jarobi, everybody, the entire group. It’s great too. It’s coming very soon; it’ll be their first album in 18 years.”

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Are you excited about this?!

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