The 45-minute video/artwork, by Tom Sachs, was uploaded on Friday and features Ocean making a wooden spiral staircase. However, the uploaded version isn’t the real ‘piece of art’, as Sacks explains in an interview with Pitchfork.

“When you see the video, you see him building a stairway to heaven in real time,” Sachs said. “The 40-minute version is edited, but there’s something like a 140-hour version. That’s the whole thing. That exists, that’s the art piece.”

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“The thing that we’re all seeing is the short, is the edited version. This version where there are three of them is kind of a compressed experience, where you see three Frank Oceans making the same thing. It’s not unlike the song on Blond called “Skyline To.” You hear what sound like a couple of Frank Oceans singing over each other. I think that’s his voice—I know a bunch of other people sing on it—but you hear him unapologetically laying two vocal tracks over each other, the chorus and the refrain. And they overlap in the same way you’ve got a couple of Frank Oceans building the staircase and a couple of times in the video they cross through each other, impossibly, without colliding.”

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