Lil Durk has closed a huge chapter in his life, and now can move on to bigger and better things. Over the weekend, the Chicago rapper had gun charges dropped at a court hearing, after a judge ruled that he did not violate probation in a 2014 incident.

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2 years ago, cops found two .45-caliber pistols in Durk’s apartment while searching for a first-degree murder suspect, and were trying to hit him with 12 counts of felon in possession of a handgun. He was already on probation from a 2013 incident when he was arrested after throwing a gun into his car when police had approached him, so it made the charges that much worse.

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Luckily, the judge said that Durk did not violate probation because even if he knew the guns were in his residence, he did not have “possession and control” of them.

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“Thank god for my lawyer who been there since day one Sam Adams Jr.,” Durk wrote afterwards on Instagram. “I beat my case today now I can get to the money and growth of my career and being a father to my kids thank you God 2x.”

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