Kaseem Ryan, better known as Ka from Natural Element and Nightbreed has had an job as an New York City Firefighter for several years now. While still rapping he’s been at Engie Co. 235 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, but The New York Post tried to expose him over his “anti-cop” lyrics.

“The biases he portrays through his music are indicative of what he believes or feels,” said Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association upon hearing of Ryan’s rap career.
“I had no idea he was doing that on the side,” one firefighter told the post. “He’s really not a bad guy. But he shouldn’t be bad-mouthing cops.”

Ka’s new album Honor Killed the Samurai was just released last week and in the midst of all this controversy he released a statement on his site.

“I’ve been rhyming for over 20 years and appreciate any hip-hop fan who respects lyrics. I already know my songs are not for everyone. They’re not for the radio, the club or the masses. My music is for those who miss early ’90s hip hop when pain and struggle were the dominant themes.”

This album is his first solo album in three years. See Ka’s response to the story below.

Source: XXL

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