On Wednesday, a deadly earthquake hit Italy killing at least 120 people, according to Italy Premier Matteo Renzi. The earthquake destroyed homes, churches, and shops all throughout the medieval towns of central Italy. Reportedly, many people are missing or dead from the 6.2-earthquake and the multiple after shocks that struck Umbria, Lazio, and Le Marche. According to the AP, resident Maria Gianni shares her story on when the quake hit.

The whole ceiling fell but did not hit me,I just managed to put a pillow on my head and I wasn’t hit luckily, just slightly injured my leg.

Rescue teams used bulldozers to maneuver through piles of metal, rock, and wood to find survivors. The Vatican sent a six-men team from the Vatican City State fire squad to Amatrice on Thursday. According to RAI radio, police near the town of Ascoli could not help the people that were caught under the rubble because they did not have the proper equipment to move the rocks. Mayor Sergio Pirozzi of Amatrice released a statement that the rescue teams attempted to reach the 69 settlements around his town but there wasn’t much left.

Half of the town doesn’t exit anymore, People are stuck underneath the rubble. Houses are no longer there.

The first quake hit at around 3:30a.m. and then followed at least 11 earthquake aftershocks.  Mayor Pirozzi also stated that the earthquake knocked out the town’s power. The director of Italy’s civil protection agency, Fabrizio Curcio set in motion national emergency procedures. He also said the earthquake was similar to the one that struck L’Aquilla in 2009 that left 300 people dead.

Source:USA Today

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